Style Habit Tips - 25 Timeless Habits Of Stylish Men


10 habits of a stylish man


No matter the age or the occasion. It’s always Sunday at the church kind of feeling.

We change outfits during the day. We do it since we are little – remember we don’t have uniforms at school so clothing is an important part of representing who you are (and how much you have, but let’s not get there…).

Habits Of a Stylish Man


Men who dress to impress don’t get there by accident. They weave similar tasks into their daily schedules to ensure that they are always looking their best.


Here are Ten important habits of well-dressed men:

1)They know fit is most important.

mens suit fit guideIf you spent 500$ on a suit and it does not fit well, then what are your expression.
In most of the cases, it will be “Oh Shit !”

No matter how much you spend on clothes or fabric, if it’s a bad fit and doesn’t suit your frame, it will only spell disaster. Wearing clothes that fit isn’t synonymous to wearing clothes that are fitted.

Wearing skin-tight shirts, even if your physique is something to be proud of, is still a huge no-no because it simply doesn’t look elegant. It looks like you’re trying too hard to get attention.

So I say only wear cloth that is made for you. dress up for yourself, not others.

2)They take care of their wardrobe

Stylish man wardrobeEvery stylish man understands what should be in their wardrobe and should not.

Most of us thinking maintaining a wardrobe with stylish and trending cloths is difficult as well as expensive.

But this is not the case its depend on the skills of a stylish man how can they manage their wardrobe and make it perfect.

It’s essential that you understand the rules of the game. Understand what looks good and what doesn’t, and then, once you’ve mastered the basics, you can upgrade your style and go for some nice personality quirks.

No matter who are you, just take care of cloth that is best suited to the occasion as well as to your personality.

3) They make a statement with simplicity.

stylish manA stylish man knows what to wear and what to not on any occasion. They know What to wear at a wedding party, or at dinner, the office, at home, the workout, they know all.

They know the black tie is necessary for a Wedding suit, they wear essentials like black and white V-neck T-shirts, dark, well-fitting denim and tailored white dress-shirts.

4) They trust on quality, not quantity.

quality shirts for men

Everyone wants to save money especially when shopping. in this age of internet every brand on your fingerprint. you can see the same Jackets at the price of 300$ and on sale it just 60$.

let’s see the difference in a real example.
If you buy a sports jacket at 200$ or 300$ and you wear it 20 or 30 times its cost for terms of price is $10.
On the other side if you buy a sports jacket at just $60 and it will worsen after wearing 2 to 3 times. it will cost you more than 20$ peruse.

Most Important most of us should be quality conscious not quantity conscious.

5) They are not Brand Addictive

why we are brand addictiveI want to ask a simple question

“Why do some of us have a strong brand addiction? ”

Its more shocking for you to most brands does not manufacture their product themselves.
As I know personally they outsource it.
A recent example in my mind is of H&M Brand. They outsource All their product to Asian countries Like Pakistan and Bangladesh For clothing.

We take one more example of iPhone and Samsung products.
In 2018 Most part of iPhone was assembled in China. In 2018 A world biggest Samsung Factory start operations in India. According to the report, more than 10 million Samsung mobiles are assembled in India in 2019.

In the end, I would say

“The ideal customer— product relationship is what good brands build their identities on; and then as the brand expands, it repeats this with other products”


6) They know the power of undergarments

mens underwareDo you think you are the only person who can see his undergarment?

Yes, you are right but this does not mean it’s unimportant.

Wearing good quality underwear will make you feel more confident and relax. You wouldn’t wear a sweat-stained, drawer-crumpled shirt to the office, would you? Treat your pants with the same care that you afford the rest of your wardrobe.

7) Take care of cloth.

cloths careWhen you Buy a piece of cloth from a good Brand (remember I am talking about goods brand which is affordable) you will see a Product care Tag on the cloth. The most common instruction include

Do not Iron This t-shirt
Dry clean only etc….

The reason behind This They want from you to take care of your important piece of cloth.

The stylish man keeps clothing in mint condition, visiting a dry cleaner regularly and storing pieces appropriately. It’s the little things that count, like having dress shirts dry-cleaned and ironed or folding cable knit sweaters loosely to sustain their shape.

8) They want Complete Look.

complete look for every men

Its most important part of A stylish man Life.
He knows what to wear on Office or Dinner party.
Go with gray, formal but not boring and definitely different from the sea of navy and classic black In office Party or dinner party.

Fancy event? something shiny and dark colors. Midnight blue is great, not black, not navy. It stands out and make people look twice to check the color.

In my opinion, The complete look will consist of the following things.
A Stylish watch, Style pair of shoes, and a Simple suit for dinner party and shiny for Fancy Event.

9) They Know trends

stylish trends for mens

Trends come and go so if you are following the latest style trends, then you’ll be in the know. A man who sticks to one classic style is stylish but a man who follows the trends is also stylish. It’s all about loving what you wear and styling it right.

In order to keep up with the trends, you can follow fashion accounts on Instagram, Facebook. You can follow men’s fashion blogs. You can get involved in men’s fashion facebook groups. There are several men’s forums online with fashion advice. You can also ask your friends.

10) A good perfume is compulsory.

best perfumes


You will need to try a few perfumes and choose the one that you feel suits you and your personality. You could go for a citrus scent if you want a fresh scent. The best advice we can give is to go to a store and try several different perfumes until you find one you like.


Do you any tips to add and how are you implementing them?

Let us know in the comments.

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