How to choose right shoes for your feet

In this Article, we are going to cover “How to choose the right shoes for your feet ?  or The Ultimate Guide To Buying New Shoes ”

Finding a great shoe is an amazing feeling, but discovering one that looks good and feels even better.
Best shoes are ones which you can wear anytime and on many occasions and the one for which you don’t have to think twice before wearing them.

Which are Most comfortable shoes?

Shoes are something that everybody wears daily. There are different types of shoes available online. The best shoes according to me are the ones that fit you, give a good grip while walking or running.

Here is The Ultimate Guide To Buying New Shoes?

1)choose the right material

A wide variety of leathers are used to make shoe uppers and it’s not always easy to clearly differentiate between the types. The most common types of leather are

. Full Grain or Top Grain Leather – ( ” the best ” )
. Corrected or Embossed Grain – ( ” 2nd best”, full-grain)
. Split Suede – ( “functional and inexpensive leather hides” )
. Nubuck Sueded Grain – ( “look but don’t touch – very sensitive leather”)
. Reconstituted, Bonded or Fibre Leather – ( “Recycled, particle board” )

2)Choose the right color

Choose the Right Color of dress shoes


Before choosing for the best color for shoes you should keep in mind that,

A black pair of shoes would be the smartest color in my opinion because it’s an absolute must-have in every man’s wardrobe,” says Andrew Nicholas Vieira, senior director of men’s product development at Aldo.

“Everyone needs a clean, simple black leather lace-up.

In my opinion, color mostly depends on the choice of the person who wears shoes.

3)Choose the right Style


stylish trends for mens


Fashion trends changed over time according to the choice of the person. Similarly, Shoe trends also change over time and vary according to the taste and fashion of peoples.
There are many types of Leather shoes for Men’s and Women’s.some people divide shoe types by their leather material and some describe it by occasion.

4)Choose the right sole

Shoes soleThe sole of a shoe, also known as the outsole, is the bottom part of the shoe that comes in direct contact with the ground. rubber, Leather synthetic and other type of material. But in my opinion, the rubber sole is best for shoes.

Rubber can be categorized in two ways: natural and synthetic.


Natural rubber is elastic, very soft, and comfortable for athletic shoes. Its main drawback is that it’s not wear-resistant, meaning it does not last long. Natural rubber is often used for indoor sports shoes.


On the other hand, synthetic rubber can be divided into hard, sticky, carbon, air, environmental protection, and wear-resisting rubber.

Leather Sole: Some brands use Leather sole for Shoes, as a leather expert it does not make any sense in my experience.
Last Month I got a pair of higher-end footwear, and I think leather soles really don’t make any sense. I walk three blocks to work and then spend the rest of my day in a carpeted office. Within a month, my shoes need to be resoled.

5)Choose the right size



Shoes size chartHowever, once the foot gets longer or wider it does not go back to its original size. The rule of thumb to live by when buying a pair of shoes is that there should be a thumb’s width between the tip of the longest toe in your foot and the end of the shoe. …

Always buy a pair of shoes that fit the bigger foot.

6)Price of shoes

Some people think that if they price high for their shoes they will get high-quality shoes.
No doubt price is a primary factor for determining the quality of leather shoes, but the high price does not guarantee the highest quality.
sometimes a lower price product is better than the high price products. One of the best tips for you for purchasing shoes don’t see the brand name, just read reviews of customers which tell the true story.

7)The durability of the shoes


Durability of shoes


The durability of shoes means Ability to exist for long without significant deterioration by resisting the effects of heavy use, drying, wetting, heating, freezing, thawing, corrosion, oxidation, volatilization, etc.

The durability of shoes varies from person to person, some people seem durability in the sense of shoe age and others say to replace your shoes every 400-500 miles or so.
Mostly Leather Shoes Last Long More than 5 years. but it heavily depends on how you care and wear your shoes.

8)Comfort Features


Comfortable Shoes are those which helps you in every situation. If you are at your working Place or attending any function, Shoes Must look Good as well it should be comfortable too.

If you have to walk a lot at your workplace then shoes must have Good cushion so heel should not pain, And Sole and outer-upper material should not make your feet sweaty.

We hope this Article “The Ultimate Guide To Buying New Shoes” will help you to buy your next shoes.

Do you any tips to add and how are you implementing them?

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