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How to Store Leather Jacket?

well this is tricky question that many people asked.

Do you think so?

In my opinion there is nothing tricky with that just follow these simple steps to store any leather products like jackets   and other leather products.


clean your leather products before you store such as dust and any other stains.

If the leather has an ink stain or a strong odor, a professional cleaner who specializes in leathers and suede garments should do the cleaning

Note : don’t wash your real leather products anyway.


Store your leather jackets  in a cold temperature. This does no mean store in a low temperature just keep them away from heat.


Cover your leather Products in a soft and breathable fabric. do not use plastic or any other type of material that is similar to plastic.Use a cloth garment bag for store a leather products.


Use strong wooden hangers or padded hangers to store your leather coats. A wire or thin plastic hanger cannot withstand the weight of a medium-sized woman’s leather coat.

If you have any question related to leather you can asked us any question and our experts team will be better guide you.

I think it’s enough knowledge for brilliant people like you to understand why leather jackets are so expensive.


Hello Dear leather fashion addicted people!

I want to share with some of our collection of leather jackets where you can value your purchase.

Please explore your real leather jackets with style.


Women’s leather jackets

Men’s leather jackets

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