I am in leather business since 2013, and I have visited more than 200 leather factories and stores who manufacturer and sell leather jackets. Cost of manufacturing of a   leather jacket between 60 -70% of its total cost. Most jackets are handcrafted so labor cost also a factor of expensive jackets.

 As I have noticed that the real leather jacket cost should be between ($200-$600).

 The real leather jackets are expensive but now days there are many new brands that are working on this thing and providing quality leather jackets at very reasonable prices.

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Let’s see which things make leather jacket expensive.


Antelope, buckskin, lambskin, sheepskin, and cowhide are the hides most commonly used to make leather jackets.

Sewing materials such as thread, lining, seam tape, buttons, snaps, and zippers are generally purchased from outside vendors and stored in the garment factory.

2 The Manufacturing Process:

The cost of leather jacket largely depend on manufacturing process, whether it is totally handcrafted or it followed by a chain process( where each person perform their own task)

The development of high-speed sewing machinery changed the face of traditional sewing factories where one person may have worked on a single garment from start to finish. Because leather garments are considered luxury items, hand-construction by highly skilled artisans is still sought by many consumers.

3 Quality Control:

Garment manufacturers inspect each shipment of skins for marks, tears, stains, and imperfections.

Today’s automated sewing systems are self-correcting. Sophisticated lubricating systems composed of pumps, reservoirs, fluidic controls, and electronic controls insure that the garments are manufactured at a consistent level of quality.

I think it’s enough knowledge for brilliant people like you to understand why leather jackets are so expensive.


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Women’s leather jackets

Men’s leather jackets

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