What is the proper way to take care of shoes?


This method can apply to any leather products.

How long do leather shoes last?

It depends on 3 factors

  •  types of shoes

  • how to wear them

  • quality of material

Proper way to take care of shoes

Leather is a material which will long 100 years with proper care .bellow are the steps to enhance the life of leather shoes.

we can divide this into 3 steps…

1) Protection

how to polish shoes


Taking care of the Leather will help ensure the life of your leather goods. Every OLKEZ piece is designed with leather. When maintaining the Leather on your leather goods, be careful to never get the leather wet as it will discolor, wrinkle or crock.

Use the following steps for the protection of leather shoes.

a) Avoid cleaning Leather shoes with alcohol, turpentine or other mineral spirits. We recommend Leather Care products, specially formulated to extend the life and preserve the natural beauty of the leather.

b) Use Shoe Trees because it helps to maintain your shoe size and shape.

2) Cleaning and Conditioning

proper way to take care of shoes



Use this method twice a year to clean and polish all fine smooth leathers.

– Dampen a soft cotton cloth with warm water.
– Using a circular motion, carefully clean the leather.
– Allow drying for at least 11 hours away from direct sunlight and heat.
– Before completely dry, rub Saddle Oil all over the leather.
– If needed, apply a second coat within 30 minutes.
– Finish drying. How to Preserve Leather & Repel Water:
– Condition leather once a year to repel water and keep leather soft.
– Dampen a soft cotton cloth with warm water.
– Warm the leather with a hair dryer on low for 30 seconds
– Apply Mink Oil Crème, including the strap and all seams and stitching.
– Allow leather to dry for 12 hours away from sunlight and heat.
– Apply a second coat for additional weather protection.

3) Storage

storage of shoes

-Store your leather shoes in cold temperature. This does not mean store at a low temperature just keep them away from heat.

-Cover your leather Shoes in a soft and breathable fabric. do not use plastic or any other type of material that is similar to plastic.

Use a cloth garment bag for store leather products.




I think it’s enough knowledge for brilliant people like you to understand

what you  What is the proper way to take care of shoes? and which method do you use personally?

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